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At J & D Fitness, we believe in order to make lifestyle changes to achieve individual fitness goals, personalized programs must be consistently developed, instructed, and monitored in a safe, motivating & fun environment.

As personal trainers in Las Vegas, J & D Fitness works with clients of all ages & fitness levels and helps them progress towards their goals. Our approach is to continually enlighten our clients and have them step out of their comfort zone to discover & embrace fitness in a manner they have not previously experienced.




Money Back Guarantee

After you sign up, put us to the test for 30 days. If you are following your personalized plan and don’t feel that we are meeting your needs we will give you your money back, and we’ll part as friends.



Thanks for checking out our website. We would like to extend you an invitation to try out 21 days of unlimited personal training at our new training studio for $289. We feature the Torch workout which is the ultimate fat burning & strengthening workout in Las Vegas. This great offer includes a Polar heart monitor. So come by and see why we’re the leading personal trainers of Las Vegas. We know you’ll love the experience. You have nothing to lose, other than fat & inches. Please call to reserve your spot.


What people are saying about J & D Fitness


  • Melissa Coleman from J & D FITNESS


    "On November 1st of 2015 I scheduled a consultation with Doug to discuss personal training, as I had that week with several other prominent trainers in town. I spent almost an hour with Doug on that first visit discussing everything from my health history and fitness goals to my desire to find a sense of community in this new town, as I had recently moved to Vegas from Dayton, Ohio. I was impressed at how professional Doug was and how he asked me questions, rather than just trying to sell me on his program."



  • Mitzi Coffey from J & D FITNESS


    "In 2012, I realized age was catching up and I needed to get into shape. I also wanted to tone up. What I enjoy about training at the studio are the varied exercises, but if I had to narrow it down to my favorite thing, it’s how the coaches tailor to everyone’s needs. It’s truly personalized training. I had a bout of cancer in 2016 and had a few operations that put me out of the gym for 1 ½ yrs. During that time, Doug stayed in contact with me."



  • Jason Williamson from J & D FITNESS


    "I joined the studio to lose weight and tone up my body. I instantly fell in love with the studio, Doug and his team of coaches. Doug has created a skilled team of coaches that know how to tailor workouts to your needs. I enjoy all of my workouts. I love the environment that they have created. I have lost over 10% body-fat, gotten a lot stronger and feel a difference in the way I move. I strongly recommend the studio to anyone looking for expert coaching in a great environment."



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