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At J & D Fitness, we believe in order to make lifestyle changes to achieve individual fitness goals, personalized programs must be consistently developed, instructed, and monitored in a safe, motivating & fun environment.

As personal trainers in Las Vegas, J & D Fitness works with clients of all ages & fitness levels and helps them progress towards their goals. Our approach is to continually enlighten our clients and have them step out of their comfort zone to discover & embrace fitness in a manner they have not previously experienced.




Money Back Guarantee

After you sign up, put us to the test for 30 days. If you are following your personalized plan and don’t feel that we are meeting your needs we will give you your money back, and we’ll part as friends.



Thanks for checking out our website. We would like to extend you an invitation to try out 21 days of unlimited personal training at our new training studio for $289. We feature the Torch workout which is the ultimate fat burning & strengthening workout in Las Vegas. This great offer includes a Polar heart monitor. So come by and see why we’re the leading personal trainers of Las Vegas. We know you’ll love the experience. You have nothing to lose, other than fat & inches. Please call to reserve your spot.


What people are saying about J & D Fitness


  • Leora Blau

    “Best trainers ever!!! No one is more dedicated and committed to killer workouts ....always with a smile!!!"



    before after
    Becky Desmoni
    “Doug & Judy are great people, trainers, and motivators. They never give up on you and the results you are looking for."
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    Joanna Falb

    “Judy is an incredibly well rounded fitness professional - from discussions about dietary intake to review of proper form/function during a given exercise. She is hands down an expert in her field. Her follow up post-workout is also an incredible benefit and motivator to keeping me on track!  Three years later, she continues to inspire me and keep me on my toes.  Every workout feels fresh and challenging.  I am stronger, healthier and happier because of the knowledge she has shared.”



  • testimonial-2
    John Grady
    62 years old

    “Doug is the consummate professional trainer. Doug tailors my training programs to my personal needs, not a “one size fits all” mentality. He’s the best!”



     Heidi S.

    "The best decision I've ever made was signing up with Doug and joining the Torch Team. I've never been a "gym rat" or loved going to the gym, but now I love working out, sweating, and pushing myself. Doug is simply the best; always keeping our workouts interesting and challenging. I will never stop working out with Doug and will always be a part of the Torch Team!!"

    Lydia B.

    "I workout with my trainer & friend Dougie. Him & his team are the best trainers because they understand all of the different fitness levels of his clients.  There's never a no I can't, it's always I'll try and do my best.  Our classes have become not just a workout, but a great  support group of friends that we all can't wait to see each other.   We're getting stronger together!  We rock it!"



  • Melissa C.

    "On November 1st of last year I scheduled a consultation with Doug to discuss personal training, as I had that week with several other prominent trainers in town.  When I arrived at his location I was surprised to find a ballroom dancing studio, but I was also intrigued.  I spent almost an hour with Doug on that first visit discussing everything from my health history and fitness goals to my desire to find a sense of community in this new town, as I had recently moved to Vegas from Dayton, Ohio.  I was impressed at how professional Doug was and how he asked me questions rather than just trying to sell me on his program.  After a full movement screening and a comfortable and fun conversation, I decided that this was the trainer/program for me and I jumped right in.

    Flash forward exactly six months and not only have I completely changed my body but I have also met some wonderful new people.  I train with Doug at the studio at least 3, but usually 4 times per week and have found that his style of training with kettlebells, TRX and sandbags have allowed me to see the results I have been trying for years to accomplish at the gym.  Like many women, I spent most of my time doing cardio and never spent much time strength training.  What a wake-up call ..... that clearly wasn't working!  Now I rarely do any cardio outside of our HIIT workouts and have lost 7% body fat, 24 lbs. and 3 dress sizes in just six months.  Even more importantly, I feel strong, confident and better able to manage my fast paced job and my family life.  

    Thank you Doug for providing a challenging workout in an encouraging and fun environment!"


  • Clark L.

    "If sweating and getting your heart rate up, this is the workout for you.  Doug is a true professional at his craft.  He starts all classes on time and ends at the scheduled time.  For the busy professional, I highly recommend his Torch Sessions!!"


    Charlotte B.

    "Torch is a fun, intense (but not insane) and totally addictive. I've done Soul Cycle in NYC, Bikram and Bar Method in LA. Torch's combination of TRX, Kettle Bell and Sandbag puts them all to shame. The classes are personalized and always fly by. I can't get enough."



     Angela Wright

    "I am very grateful for Doug. He is knowledgeable about movement. I am stronger because of his workouts. I feel safe in his classes. Doug pushes me- this helps me to realize my strength. If you are looking for a great Sand bag , TRX, kettle bell workout- he is amazing!!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE"
    Thank you,




  • Mitzie C.

    "I've worked with Doug for several years now as a personal one-on-one trainer as well as in the Torch Workout Group. I have seen great results working out with Doug in my strength, posture and shape. He is excellent at working to your ability - not too aggressive but never allowing you to skate by. One of his strengths is how he clearly explains what a particular exercise will do, how to do that exercise correctly and how not to do that exercise. Even in his small Torch Workout Groups, he is constantly encouraging and correcting each individual so that each person receives personalize attention. He is a great trainer and I have really loved working out in the Torch groups!!"

     Chris D.

    "Doug Sheppard is an amazing trainer. I have been doing martial arts for almost 20 years and I love that his classes can challenge me in new ways. His knowledge on the body is both impressive and useful. He works wonderful with people who are just starting their journey to a healthier lifestyle and he can challenge the veteran. Highly recommended!"


    Maria C.

    "I'm so grateful that Doug is our trainer. He is great at his job and most of all he is such an awesome motivator. I haven't been working out very long, however as long as he's our trainer I'll keep working out."



  • Silvia P.

    "I’ve been working out with Doug for a few years. I have lost over 30 lbs but also have learned to love working out and staying healthy. He is an amazing trainer."


    Heather F.

    "If you are looking for a good work that keeps you motivated and is FUN you have to try the Torch workout with Doug.  It is never repetitive, and he customizes to each individuals needs. He keeps the classes small so he is able to focus on each persons needs, and it is always a great group of people!  I love these workouts!!!!"





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